I'm new to winemaking. How do I make home made wine?

Making wine can be very easy. We recommend you start simple. Many resources are available to help you make wine, but at its heart the process works like this:

  1. Put some grape juice in a bucket
  2. Add yeast
  3. Wait a few weeks while the grape juice turns into wine
  4. Bottle the wine
  5. Drink the wine



It can take six weeks to do the whole thing start to finish. We recommend you start with a "wine kit". It's basically a box which includes a bag of juice, a packet of yeast, instructions and some chemicals to make the whole thing easier. Here's what a wine kit looks like:

These kits tend to make you about 30 bottles of wine. Your wine can end up costing about $3 a bottle. So what are you waiting for? Check out the things you need to get started.

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