What is EnoFile?

EnoFile is an App that helps people make wine. Regular people like you.

Making wine isn't difficult but it really helps if you keep track of what you're doing. Rather like when you cook from a recipe; you follow steps and you end up with a delicious meal. If you follow the steps for winemaking you'll make good tasting wine and save a lot of money.

The primary tools amateur winemakers use to keep track of their activity are a notepad and a calendar. EnoFile is like a notepad and calendar but much better. It does things you can't do with these paper tools.

  • It tracks your statistics; costs, volumes and favorite varietals.
  • You can schedule steps on your phone's calendar and invite other people to join you.
  • It allows you to keep picture records of your work.
  • You can print up a tasting sheet for each batch.
  • If you take the appropriate readings it will calculate the alcohol content for you automatically.
  • Your data is backed up. Now really, how often do you backup a notepad?

Ultimately EnoFile exists to make it easier for you to make good wine and enjoy doing it.


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