What equipment do I need to make wine?

If you already have a wine kit with the juice or some other means to get juice, all you need is an wine making equipment kit

The wine kit only includes the ingredients and instructions. You also need some food-grade equipment that comes with the wine making equipment kit;

  • a bucket - typically a seven gallon bucket
  • a carboy - a container like those you see on water coolers - typically containing six gallons
  • a bung and an airlock - to protect your wine once fermentation is complete
  • a hose to syphon wine from one container into the other or into the bottles
  • a hydrometer - to measure the density of the wine - that'll tell you how far along the juice is to becoming wine
  • a wine corker to push corks into the bottles
  • a cleaner (we recommend "PBW") and a sanitizer (we recommend "StarSan")
  • a bottle brush
  • a carboy brush

What doesn't normally come in the equipment kits are:

  • Bottles - you can buy these new or you can collect from friends and clean them yourself.
  • Corks - Never reuse these - always buy new corks, but depending on how long you plan to age your wine and your own asthetic style, you have choices between natural, agglomated or synthetic
  • rubber gloves - you can pick these up at any grocer or pharmacy - just keep them exclusively for winemaking to protect your hands when working with cleaners and sanitizers.  These chemicals aren't dangerous, but they have been known to cause us dry hands and sometimes rashes, depending upon how sensitive your skin is.


In addition, winemaking supply stores can be found easily. A good wine store will have staff who are happy to talk you through it.

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