How do I set up reminders for my next step?

EnoFile depends on the calendar integrated with your device for reminders.  They work best when you use them as a "future step." 

1. Create a step with the name of the reminder


2. On the step screen, add a date and time (add more detail to the Note field if you have several batches going at once).  Add guests if you want someone else to also have the reminder on their calendar.


3. When you return to the batch overview, the reminder is added to your device calendar.  Depending upon the settings in your calendar, the calendar will send you an appropriate email to remind you to complete the step on the day it's due.


4. Once you actually complete the step, enter the step ingredients, readings, adjustments and photos as normal. 

5.  The performed on date will display when you return to the batch overview.  The app should also check the step completed (as long as the date you complete on is today or earlier).


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