How to manually synch my batches between two devices

EnoFile will synch your device automatically when you log in, open a new screen or return to the dashboard.  However, if you are out of cell service or you cannot access wifi, sometimes it takes a bit of time to get all your data saved to the cloud.

You can always perform a manual synch to get your data copied from one device to another.  Here's how:

1. Create your batch as usual on device 1.  Take photos, enter notes, readings, adjustments or ingredients.

2. Return to the Dashboard.

3. Pull down the Dashboard screen.  You should see a spinning icon to show that data is uploading to the server.

4. Use the new Updates screen (Gear icon > Updates) to see that all data has been successfully uploaded.  If a Pending message exists, it could be that EnoFile is having trouble connecting to your cell service or wifi, but will continue to try until all your data has been uploaded. 

5. Log into device 2.

6.  Pull down the Dashboard screen.  All photos, notes, readings, adjustments or ingredients you entered on device 1 should now be available on device 2.


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